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White Shag Album Release on Vinyl This Friday!! 

THIS FRIDAY!!! White Shag will be releasing their full full length album on vinyl at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, Michigan. Along for this crazy ride of a night will be The Beggars and Dirtwolf! Dirtwolf just put out their new album too! And don't forget, $1 from every physical copy sold from the album that day will be going to Planned Parenthood of Ferndale. Don't miss this great event!

White Shag and Jett Plastic Recordings Nominated for Detroit Music Awards! 

We are very proud to announce that White Shag has been nominated for best punk/alternative/indie band for the Detroit Music Awards. Not only that, but the label we are putting our first full length our on at the end of the month, Jett Plastic Recordings, is also nominated for best label! Congrats, Jarrett! We love ya! Make sure you check out other releases from John Sinclair, Bootsey X and Kenny Tudrick here

A Statement from Our Legal Team 


May the Women’s Movement continue to expand the cause of human rights.  Women’s rights are human rights.  March highlights the contributions and accomplishments of women-it is Women’s History Month.  Those who gathered together on Sunday evening, March 12, 2017 at The Lo & Behold Records and Books location in Hamtramck were following that tradition.  Their cause is a just one.  There are many examples of why the dignity of women should be upheld in Detroit’s musical venues.   

Getting the facts straight is essential for the success in these endeavors. One must not act on patently false statements, accusations, gossip and highly destructive innuendo, by certain misinformed, malice laden people, but rather getting the truth.  On one instance, proper research was not conducted with respect to the one area musician who was unfortunately targeted. Targeting individuals falsely is a dicey practice inherently, and is not a wise practice because it can bring about deserved criticism of the movement. 

George Krautner, also known as Jorge Cortez was, as it turns out, unfairly and unlawfully targeted, in as much as he is neither a rapist nor a pedophile.  Further, defending him against these false charges does not make the defender a rape apologist. There is no evidence that has been uncovered at the time of this writing directly pointing to any of these individuals having a hand in George Krautner’s firing at his employment, but the rumors, innuendos, false statements uttered by a mass of these individuals suggests that the vilification of Mr. Krautner may have found its way to his employer.   

Also, some of these ill willed individuals have posted on Facebook pictures of these defenders, contacted their family members, and threatened physical harm, all in the name of supporting their cause, which is our cause, of stamping out the rape culture in the music community.  Further, a letter writing campaign to certain venues with these falsehoods attempted to interfere with George’s and White Shag’s livelihood.  His offense almost 10 years ago, did not rise in severity to these false charges.  To work against a rape culture is not well served by targeting these hardworking local rock musicians.  It was a huge mistake. 

Now we must consider the wrongdoing of libel, which is a civil action. Defamation per se is when one imputes a crime to one who never committed such a crime.  In this case, rape.  Here in Mr.  Krautner’s case, the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect the defamatory statements. Michigan law is very clear.  Let’s review MCL 600.2911.  MCL means Michigan Complied Laws.  The section heading is: Action for libel or slander.  Libelous statements are defamatory if contained in a writing, such as in social media.  Slanderous statements are oral.  Both affect one’s reputation.   

600.2911 Action for libel or slander. 

Sec. 2911. (1) Words imputing a lack of chastity to any female or male are actionable in themselves and subject the person who uttered or published them to a civil action for the slander in the same manner as the uttering or publishing of words imputing the commission of a criminal offense. (Emphasis supplied) 

What the statute means is that accusing a person of a rape when it did not occur is actionable in and of itself.  Nothing more must be shown; the libel has already been proven. All that needs to be done is peruse through the Facebook posts, made by some of these malicious types and read through the comments, and nothing more.  For example, someone wrote and repeated a libel when they penned this preposterous statement that “Personally I don’t feel comfortable attending events at a venue that is willing to enlist a convicted rapist.”  This was referring to George Krautner. 

Another statement made through Facebook, implied that George Krautner is a pedophile.  They wrote, “You know what really sucks? operating within a musical community that has to deliberate over whether a convicted sex offender (who is on the registry like TODAY actually) should or should not play a set during their charity festival that is supposedly benefitting children, lemme gon’ head and mention that he’s got to report until 2023 due to the nature of his crimes. a children’s fundraiser [sic]. for children. sex offender. that sucks.”   

A fair reading of the previous statement wrongfully implies that George Krautner is a pedophile.  Both above statements open the writers to serious liability.  Further, this person stated: “During a conversation in this group I belong to it was mentioned that this musical act called White Shag has this member that’s actually a literal convicted rapist and they’re scheduled to play at an event I’m very familiar with in Hamtramck in a few weeks.”  (Emphasis supplied) 

 We do know who they are.   To respond to this by saying, “I don’t care, I have a right to my opinion, I didn’t mean to call him a rapist or pedophile,” will be no defense.  People responded and then shared their libel throughout Facebook.  They have painted themselves into a corner.  The damage has been done. Many screen shots from these people have been collected and are on file with the proper authorities, including Facebook, the police, and George’s legal team. Not only are the actions by the slanderers civilly wrong, but they are criminally responsible.  It’s now a felony in Michigan to cyber-bully. People should understand what this means. Here’s the law. 

750.411s Posting message through electronic medium; prohibitions; penalty; exceptions; 


Sec. 411s. (1) A person shall not post a message through the use of any medium of communication, 

including the internet or a computer, computer program, computer system, or computer network, or 

other electronic medium of communication, without the victim's consent, if all of the following 


(a) The person knows or has reason to know that posting the message could cause 2 or more 

separate noncontinuous acts of unconsented contact with the victim.   

(b) Posting the message is intended to cause conduct that would make the victim feel terrorized, 

frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested. 

(c) Conduct arising from posting the message would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional 

distress and to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested. 

(d) Conduct arising from posting the message causes the victim to suffer emotional distress and to 

feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested. 

Mr.  Krautner did not consent to the continuous barrage of false accusations.  They were purposely done in a relentless fashion, repeated, causing emotional distress that an ordinary reasonable person would find deplorable.  Those who have wrongfully targeted George have brought about serious harm to the fight against the rape culture.  These acts have been counter intuitive and harmful to the cause of feminism and human rights. 

Women’s rights are human rights.  When such rights are violated the Women’s movement has been fundamentally discredited.  The band White Shag has long been a band with a decisive feminist perspective, as witnessed by the artistry and articulation crafted by Laura Mendoza.  Let’s redirect the struggle toward human rights and against crimes of hate.

A Statement from Our Guitarist, Jorge Cortez, AKA George Krautner 

To Whom It May Concern: 

I want to start off by apologizing for not coming forward sooner. The truth is that I am very embarrassed, ashamed and regretful for what I did ten years ago and I'm not the best at handling or explaining my past. I'm also sorry I let Laura and our friends, family and fans step forward to defend me when I should've come forward first. I am sincerely grateful for all of the support we have received, especially from those of you who know my story. I want to set the record straight now though because I feel a lot of people wouldn't have come forward had they heard the truth from me. I understand there has been harassment going on from both sides and this is unacceptable, no matter where they stand on the matter at hand. After this, I'm hoping we can all make this about what is most important, and that is the music. 

About ten years ago, I was a massage therapist and had been working in the profession from when I was 19 to about 29 years old. I was very good at what I did. One of the best. I had clients who called me their “healer” and I attended over 1,000 patients. During the last year, which was about 2007, I started to provide an “extra service” for women for extra money. I was young, dumb, poor and unprofessional and I fully admit I was wrong for doing it. I plead no contest to three counts of 4th degree criminal sexual conduct, which is not rape. At the time, I could not afford to go to trial. My family and friends helped me put enough money together so I could at least hire a lawyer and take a no contest plea for 4th degree criminal sexual conduct. I served 6 months in the county jail; 6 months house arrest; a year and half in relapse prevention therapy; 5 years probation and was put on the sex offenders list for a minimum of 15 years. I was fortunate enough that the judge granted me the minimum sentencing for this crime. At the time, I was filled with regret, remorse and sadness for what I did and thought my life and music were over as I knew it. Everything I had worked so hard, had now been flushed down the toilet due to my stupidity and carelessness. 

There have been a lot of rumors going around about what my conviction was for. I will set the record straight right now; I am NOT a rapist nor do I condone such a horrible crime. Rape is disgusting and no woman or man should ever have to experience such a horrible thing. Even though that was not my crime, I still do admit that I abused my position as a massage therapist and that alone is terrible. I am an example of what no professional massage therapist should ever do and failed my colleagues and craft by doing what I did. I am very deeply sorry and forever apologize. Since this happened ten years ago, I vowed never to practice massage therapy again even though I am now eligible to do so again if I chose to, which I don't plan on. Next year, my attorney and I will be petitioning to have me removed from the list, as I will be eligible to be taken off. 

I also want to set it straight that I never changed my name. My legal name is George Krautner, but I have been using Jorge Cortez as my stage name from long before I was ever charged. 

The last ten years were difficult for me, especially after my poor choices left my life in shambles musically and socially. I am so grateful for Laura, with whom I was in a relationship for 7 years and met shortly after I was off of house arrest. She was understanding, compassionate and loving even after her horrible experiences as a woman in Chile. If it was not for her and her encouragement, I would not be in the music scene and playing music for my community at all. She brought me back to life and helped me to continue what I do best. So, I also want to set it straight that Laura has not harassed anyone. In fact, she has been taking a beating for all of this even though it was my crime. Since this all started, she has only tried to reach out to set people straight on what really happened to me. My band doesn't deserve to be attacked for my past actions. It has also come to my attention that some of the women and men who are against me and my band have been getting harassed as well. This is unacceptable. Even though their actions have caused damage and pain to me and my band-mates, they do not deserve to be harassed at all by anyone either. No one does. Any type of harassment is wrong. After what me and my band have recently been through, we do not wish it upon anyone. Please, let's all stop this. Everyone is entitled to their own factual opinion, whether we agree or not. Any crimes that have been committed during this whole situation will be handled in a court of law. 

I am deeply sorry for failing my community almost ten years ago. But regardless, I am a changed man and am going to continue to uphold the law and make the world a better place through music, love, forgiveness and understanding. I love all my friends and family who have been by my side and I say to you my community: forgiveness is key. We all have faults. Not a single person on this earth is without fault. And as Jesus said, "He that is without sin among you, cast the first stone.” 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And those who have taken the time to reach out and support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


George Krautner, AKA Jorge Cortez

White Shag Album Release Announcement  

Don't miss out on Friday, April 28th when White Shag we'll be releasing our first full length album! Vinyl AND CD's will be available for purchase and we'll also be joined by our great friends, The Beggars and Dirtwolf at our favorite venue in Ferndale, The Magic Bag. We will also be donating $1 of our album sales on the day of our release to Planned Parenthood of Ferndale! Don't miss this great night of rock and roll that will also be aiding a great cause!


White Shag Play Lemmy Tribute 

Don't miss a special performance by White Shag, where we'll be playing two of our favorite Motorhead tunes along with two originals and many of our good friends. Come down and pay tribute to the late, great Lemmy and also for a great cause. 

Indy, Here We Come! 

White Shag will be tearing up the stage again at Punk Rock Night with Machine Guns and Motorcycles, Vodka Demilo and the Vibrolas. Don't miss us, Indy!

White Shag Acoustic Performances in August! 

While the Summer is still rockin', we'll roll out a couple of acoustic performances for you! 

August 22 @ Dino's Lounge in Ferndale

August 23 @ the Old Miami in Detroit. It's the Cabresto Tequila Summer Heatwave! Join us and The Infatuations doing an unplugged performance for this afternoon/evening show!

White Shag Summer Shows! 

Upcoming White Shag Summer shows include:
Thursday, July 16 at The Whitney Garden Party. Show starts at 5pm.
August 1st at the New Way Bar in Ferndale with  the new band Dirtwolf and Sub.
August 8 at Liberty Riders Clubhouse in Port Huron
August 22 at Dino's Lounge acoustic set!
August TBA at Cabresto Heat Wave  acoustic set!

Keep rockin' the summer away with us!

White Shag Summer Shows! 

We are all geared up and ready to rock your summer with a whole slew of shows comin' at you!

Starting this Saturday night-May 30- we play a set for a good cause at a benefit for 6 year old cancer victim Andrew Curtis at the Bad Company MOtorcycle Club over on the eastside of Detroit. $5 donation includes free food. The rock starts at 8pm and Blue Black Hours will also be rockin' for the cause.

June 11th we kick off the weekend of rock and play an acoustic set at Dino's Lounge in Ferndale.  June 12 we rock the B One Ballroom in Keego Harbor with friends Leah & The Troublemakers and new band Boy Royal. The next afternoon at 2pm we play the infamous Harleyfest at Freedom Hill! The event is FREE and features tons of bands and Skid Row plays later that evening.

June 26 features another acoustic set at Ty Fest over at Hell Creek Ranch in Pinckney before we throw it into gear the next night opening for the ultimate Van Halen tribute act Panama at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. Do not miss this show! If you are a Van Halen fan you are in for a real treat! 8pm doors, we rock at 9pm!

July 16 we will rock the gardens at the annual summer Whitney Garden Party at 6pm.

This isn't all, our summer is just starting! Stay tuned for more shows to come!

White Shag at FOXFEST! 

This "power trio" is ready to rock tomorrow night!
Eye and ear candy for your pleasure-- come hang with us at Tangent: https://www.facebook.com/events/698207166956526/
And check out this cool feature about the show in the Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/story/entertainment/music/2015/05/14/women-artists-poets-musicians-gather-foxfest/27261001/

White Shag to play FOXFEST Music & Art Festival 

                                                                     We will be playing Detroit's FOXFEST Music & Art Festival on Sat. May 16th!

Here is some more information about the event:

Static presents…


                                                                                       FOXFEST! Music & Art Festival

Women Musicians Rock for Women's Groups


The second edition of FOXFEST Music & Art's Festival features more music, art and entertainment than last year's debut! This year features five female-fronted Detroit rock bands, seven women artists, and a dozen local vendors with the night's proceeds to benefit three local women's groups.

The date is SATURDAY, MAY 16 at 8pm and 18 and over patrons are welcome. Admission is $10 and proceeds benefit the Detroit based women's groups, Alternatives for Girls, Girls Rock Detroit and Genesis House.We will also be collecting donated goods for the Congregation of Every 1 to distribute to the city's homeless shelters. The event will be held at THE TANGENT GALLERY/Hastings St. Ballroom located at 715 E. Milwaukee in Detroit. (313-873-2955)


Featuring Music By:


SHE HOUND – A new band led by the fiery vocals and presence of Margaret Doll Rod, SHE HOUND will headline the show with their Detroit rock n' roll!


WHITE SHAG – This power trio has been storming the streets of the motor city since their debut in 2012. Citing influences such as the MC5 and The Stooges, White Shag is Detroit rock in its purest form, ripping up every stage as if it were the last one they will ever play on! www.whiteshag.com


BONEHEAD - This new band started as a solo project by Alexandra Lary, Bonehead has evolved into a high energy pop rock and roll band with catchy tunes you wanna make out to! Expect romantic fun vibes! http://bonehead.bandcamp.com/


AUDRA KUBAT, EMILY ROSE, MICHELLE HELD & ALISON LEWIS - These four talented and diverse singer-songwriters will perform their songs together for one powerhouse performance!


Ms. WILLA RAE & THE MINOR ARCANA - Acoustic blues that will make you stomp your feet. A brand new band delivering soulful music rooted far in the past with a hint modern, Detroit grit.  Www.facebook.com/willaraeadamomusic


DJ Cait Ash will spin iconic female artists from the 70's, 80's and 90's and on!


Three local poets; Dena Luckett, Lianna Trimble, and Veronica Frick will also perform between sets.


Seven women artists will also display their works at the event: Julie Fournier, Christen Carolin, Crystal Mielcarek, Beth Amber, Jackie McKown, Stella Rothe Wilfinger, Marianne Audrey Burrows and Armageddon Beachparty.


A dozen local vendors will be displaying their wares including: CreepynCute Shop, 9 Designs Emporium, Crafty Darling Detroit, Susan Sunshine Boutique, Paparazzi Accessories, Harmon Arts, Strange Definition, More Than a Mitten, It Works/In a Pikle, Rae Jaen Shey Creations, In Art I Trust and Just BCuz Studio .


The local non-profit coalition The Congregation of Every 1 will be there collecting items to be distributed to the shelters. www.facebook.com/congregation1


Alternatives for Girls.org – The Detroit-based non-profit organization has been active for the past 25 years in helping homeless and young women avoid violence, teen pregnancy and exploitation, and help them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary to be safe, to grow strong and to make positive choices in their lives.


Girls Rock Detroit.org - a community organization dedicated to fostering girls' creative expression, positive self-esteem, and community awareness through rock music education and performance.


Genesis House - Women's housing units provided by the Detroit Rescue Mission. While residents at one of the three locations, they are able to work towards stability, education and training, and find employment to meet their needs. A wide range of supportive services, including case management, education, mental health, employment and substance abuse aftercare services are available to help residents succeed. (www.drmm.org)




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